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maxwell & nicholson “trees and things” 1971

Orange played in Cumbria in the late 60s. The Carlisle songwriting duo of Mike Maxwell and Chris Nicholson, having been a folk-influenced duo (and at one time choir boys), teamed up with Steve Ridley, and John Smith to form Orange. … Continuar a ler

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philamore lincoln “the north wind blew south” 1970

One of the most mysterious albums of the late Sixties, British singer/songwriter Philamore Lincoln’s US-only release The North Wind Blew South has attracted plenty of conjecture over the years, much of it concerning the alleged involvement of the Yardbirds. rockasteria

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nigel mazlyn jones “sentinel / the fools of the finest degree” 1976/78

Nigel creates a unique sound combining 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar sounds with electric textures and also plays Indian santor and clay pot. rockasteria

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richard twice “richard twice” 1970

This glorious pop album, originally released in 1970 Named after the mysterious duo of Richard Atkins and Richard Manning, its beautifully-crafted songs and glorious melodies have assured it an ever-growing cult reputation. rockasteria

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vigrass & osborne “forever autumn” 1972

“Forever Autumn” is a song written by Jeff Wayne, Gary Osborne and Paul Vigrass. The original melody was written by Wayne in 1969 as a jingle for a Lego commercial. Vigrass and Osborne, the performers of the original jingle, added … Continuar a ler

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neil young "zuma" 1975

Having apparently exorcised his demons by releasing the cathartic Tonight’s the Night, Neil Young returned to his commercial strengths with Zuma (named after Zuma Beach in Los Angeles, where he now owned a house). Seven of the album’s nine songs … Continuar a ler

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neil young "harvest" 1972

Neil Young’s most popular album, Harvest benefited from the delay in its release (it took 18 months to complete due to Young’s back injury), which whetted his audience’s appetite, the disintegration of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Young’s three erstwhile … Continuar a ler

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