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astrud gilberto "the shadow of your smile" 1965

THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE (also a perfect companion or sequel to THE ASTRUD GILBERTO ALBUM) is a heavenly listening experience from the first note to the last, brimming with innocence and sadness and beauty. Particularly fascinating is the unity … Continuar a ler

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dick farney "dick farney" 1964

Dick was born in Rio de Janeiro on January, 14, 1921. Dick Farney was an excellent singer, instrumentist and composer who contributed decisively to the renovation of the brazilian popular music by incorporating jazz harmonies and style. loronix

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lúcio alves "balançamba" 1963

Singer Lucio Alves was one of the great stars of the pre-bossa nova “radio singers” era, a crooner and balladeer who moved from the old-fashioned samba-cancao sound of the 1930s into a more cool, modern vocal style, influenced by Bing … Continuar a ler

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joão gilberto "o amor, o sorriso e a flor" 1960

The most essential albums recorded by João Gilberto are his first three, Chega de Saudade (1959), O Amor, O Sorriso e a Flor (1960), and “João Gilberto” (1961). All three remain extremely up-to-date and share in common a superb standard … Continuar a ler

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sylvia telles "amor de gente moça" 1959

With her 1959 album “Amor de Gente Moça”, Sylvia became the first professional singer to release a full album with only bossa nova songs. loronix

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elizete cardoso "canção do amor demais" 1958

Two years later, Cardoso was invited to be a singer on an album of songs written by himself and Jobim. Canção do Amor Demais became the first album of bossa nova launching the new genre. fulaninha

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francis albert sinatra & antónio carlos jobim 1967

The legendary Ol’ Blue Eyes sings the Bossa Nova icon’s compositions and does more than justice to his songs. His interpretations are awesomely beautiful and incredibly enchanting. He covers these songs with utmost confidence considering that these songs are not … Continuar a ler

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