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ensemble organum "chant de l’eglise de rome VI-XIII sécles"

Precious few records of Old Roman Chant remain, many having being intentionally destroyed by the Franciscans intent on imposing the Romano-Frankish modes. Ensemble Organum have attempted to reconstruct, with their usual meticulous scholarship, what it might have sounded like. The … Continuar a ler

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deisus choir "russian medieval chant"

Composer:  Anonymous Conductor:  Sergey Krivobokov Orchestra/Ensemble:  Deisus Choir Musikalische Opfer

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trumpet "baroque trumpet music-various composers"

A “lip-vibrated aerophone,” the baroque trumpet is a musical instrument in the brass family. A baroque trumpet is a brass instrument used in the 16th through 18th centuries, or a modern replica of a period instrument. Modern reproductions include both … Continuar a ler

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flute #2 alessandro scarlatti "concerti & sinfonie per flauto"

Alessandro Scarlatti (Palermo, 2 maggio 1660 – Napoli, 24 ottobre 1725) è stato un compositore italiano di musica barocca, particolarmente famoso per le sue opere. In campo operistico, è considerato uno dei fondatori della grande scuola musicale napoletana. Musikalische Opfer … Continuar a ler

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flute #1 jacob van eyck "the flute’s garden of delight"

Jonkheer Jacob van Eyck (ca. 1590 – 1657) was a Dutch nobleman and musician. He was one of the best-known musicians in The Netherlands in the seventeenth century as a carillon player, expert in bell casting and tuning, organist, recorder … Continuar a ler

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oboe #2 tomaso albinoni "complete oboe concertos"

My college music appreciation instructor said the Oboe was the purest tone instrument in the orchestra. Albinoni is the quintessential baroque composer, along with Corelli, Vivaldi, Telemann, & Handel. The pieces are ornamented and embellished in typical baroque style. Typical … Continuar a ler

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oboe #1 baroque oboe concertos

“After the German Flute, the oboe surely comes closest to the human voice when handled nicely and in songful fashion, which requires a noble disposition and, most particularly, a total command of the art of singing.” (Johann Mattheson, Das neu-eroff-nete … Continuar a ler

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