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felt radio session 1984

Janice Long session – October 1984 1. Roman litter 2. Dismantled king is off the throne 3. Vasco da Gama 4. Crystal Ball

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go-kart mozart “on the hot dog streets” 2012

There’s something brilliantly, defiantly insane about the notion that anyone is likely to be inspired to form a band in Go Kart Mozart’s image after hearing On the Hot Dog Streets, let alone take advice on their name – or … Continuar a ler

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minks plays "fortune"

Excellent! You can hear the cover here.

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felt 10 singles

In their 10-year lifespan, Felt released 10 albums and 10 singles. 1- “Something  Sends Me To Sleep” 1981. 2- “My Face Is On Fire” 1982. 3- “Penelope Tree” 1983. 4- “Mexican Bandits” 1984. 5- “Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow” 1984. … Continuar a ler

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porto, portugal, april 1, 1988, felt concert

My ticket.

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felt "ballad of the band" 1986

Moving to the Creation label, Felt — by this time a stable quartet including keyboardist Martin Duffy and stalwart drummer Gary Ainge — was enormously productive in 1986, beginning with Ballad of the Band. The nearly unlabeled 12-inch — two … Continuar a ler

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songs to learn and sing #13

Felt “The Day The Rain Came Down” from their 1985 studio album “Ignite The Seven Cannons”. Mirror Me… (I remember) trains and boats and planes and people from the past always making promises you know things that’ll never last and … Continuar a ler

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