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tubeway army "replicas" 1979

Replicas is easily one of the most unique and exciting pieces of music I own. Due to my prejudice against non-guitar-based rock, I didn’t discover Gary Numan’s work on my own; a much more open minded friend turned me on … Continuar a ler

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gary numan "peel sessions" 2007

Yet another excellent John Peel disc, this one collects the previously released tracks from 1979, and adds Numan’s BBC appearances from 20+ years later as he performs material from the Jagged album. oskura hermandad

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5 albums from the 70’s

 1- Can “Tago Mago” 1971. Musings Of Eddie. 2- Hawkwind “Space Ritual” 1973. Black Insect. 3- Tangerine Dream “Stratosfear” 1976. Dream Express. 4- Krafwerk “Trans Europe Express” 1977. No Brasil. 5- Gary Numan “The Pleasure Principle” 1979 . No brasil.

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