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magazine "the correct use of soap" 1980

Devoto’s Magazine was clearly progressively ahead of all British and American contemporary prog-rockers in its day. They effortlessly placed abstract musical concepts alongside Devoto’s signature mordant wit. map ref

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howard devoto "rainy season" single 1983

After Magazine split in 1981 Devoto spent two years putting together a solo album with former Magazine keyboard player Dave Formula. Though criticism of Jerky Versions of the Dream was mixed, the single “Rainy Season” was consistently picked as a … Continuar a ler

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magazine "real life" 1978

It’s difficult to tell that Real Life is over 20 years as Devoto and co. were years ahead of their time. This debut album from Magazine showed incredible maturity and is filled with top music. Highlights include Definitive Gaze,Shot By … Continuar a ler

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