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microdisney – the touch of genius

One October, losing his job,He was drinking heavily,Living in his mothers house,Wild at weekends and sleeping all week. He believed he was right to ask for thingsTo be his and for him alone,And the world wasn’t right with him unlessHis … Continuar a ler

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manchester: the high llamas plus the montgolfier brothers

Sunday, May, 15 · 7:30 – 10:30 Local: The Deaf Institute Created by: Hey! Manchester, Chris Horkan We’re exciting to announce a rare Manchester visit by Sean O’Hagan’s The High Llamas – plus an equally rare appearance by the Montgolfier … Continuar a ler

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5 peel sessions

1- Microdisney “The Peel Sessions” 1989. Left And To The Back. 2- The Smiths “Peel Sessions” 1988. Skamanchackette. 3- New Order “Peel Sessions” 1986. Music Is a Better Noise. 4- The Chameleons “Peel Sessions” 1990. The Killing Moon. 5- Slowdive … Continuar a ler

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microdisney "the clock comes down the stairs" 1985

Ask anyone to name their favourite music songwriters who hail from Ireland and you will probably get quite a few blank looks followed by answers such as Bono, Van Morrison or Shane McGowan. In fact, you will probably hear The … Continuar a ler

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microdisney "everybody is fantastic" 1984

Upon absorbing this stunning masterpiece, Microdisney were catapulted to my mental `top 5 best bands ever’ list and I feverishly hunted down the rest of their albums. “Everybody’s Fantastic” is the best of the lot, though “Love Your Enemies” and … Continuar a ler

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