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the field mice "peel sessions" 1990

This Peel session is special because it’s the only recorded evidence of these songs, some of which are some of my favorite Field Mice songs ever; “Annoint” in particular. So, if you don’t already have this, it is most definitely … Continuar a ler

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echo & the bunnymen "peel sessions" 1997

The Peel Sessions is an EP that was released in 1988 of music recorded by Echo & the Bunnymen for a John Peel radio show in 1979. The tracks on the EP were recorded in studio number four at BBC … Continuar a ler

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dead can dance "peel sessions" 1983/84

Dead Can Dance is an Australian band formed in 1981. The two core members are Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. dark circle room

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gary numan "peel sessions" 2007

Yet another excellent John Peel disc, this one collects the previously released tracks from 1979, and adds Numan’s BBC appearances from 20+ years later as he performs material from the Jagged album. oskura hermandad

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the chills "peel sessions" 1988

The Chills story is as much the story of Martin Phillipps. The group was dogged by an ever changing line up, with Phillipps being the only permanent member. At times it seemed that the end of The Chills had finally … Continuar a ler

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5 peel sessions

1- Microdisney “The Peel Sessions” 1989. Left And To The Back. 2- The Smiths “Peel Sessions” 1988. Skamanchackette. 3- New Order “Peel Sessions” 1986. Music Is a Better Noise. 4- The Chameleons “Peel Sessions” 1990. The Killing Moon. 5- Slowdive … Continuar a ler

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