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sétima legião "a um deus desconhecido" 1984

In 1982, three friends decided to form a band. They were: Rodrigo Leão (bass), Pedro Oliveira (Guitar and Vocals) and Nuno Cruz (drums). They begin to rehearse and decide to call the Sétima Legião (which was the name of the … Continuar a ler

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madredeus "existir" 1990

EXISTIR is the second album recorded by Madredeus, and it is truly a jewel… Released in 1990, it brings many remarkable songs, and the first worldwide success of the group, O PASTOR. This piece, hard to describe or classify in … Continuar a ler

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josé afonso "cantares do andarilho" 1968

José Manuel Cerqueira Afonso dos Santos, also known as Zeca Afonso or Zeca (August 2, 1929 – February 23, 1987) was born in Aveiro, Portugal, son of José Nepomuceno Afonso, a judge, and Maria das Dores. Zeca is among the … Continuar a ler

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amália rodrigues "busto" 1962

Amália Rodrigues was born in Lisbon, Portugal July 23rd, 1920 to a poor and numerous family. Since her childhood she showed a talent for singing although she debuted formally in 1939 at 19 years old, becoming a great popular success. … Continuar a ler

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carlos paredes "guitarra portuguesa" 1967

The Portuguese guitar is a 12-string instrument with double courses (string pairs) and a small body, similar in tone to the mandolin or Greek bouzouki. Its penetrating sound is championed by Carlos Paredes, (1925-2004) a sensitive, even shy performer who … Continuar a ler

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