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seapony "falling" 2012

Seattle-by-way-of-Ohio trio Seapony returns with another wave of cute, fuzzed-out surf pop on Falling. The group, whose debut Go With Me gained momentum thanks to the exposure of single “Dreaming”, takes notes from similar outfits like The Softies, Talulah Gosh, … Continuar a ler

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seapony "go with me" 2011

Simplicity is arguably one of the most important virtues of indie pop, and one that Seattle’s Seapony take to heart on Go With Me: 12 songs in 34 minutes, all written in major keys.  for ex-lovers

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seapony live at cairo

Seapony, Orca Team & Great Spiders Friday, October 07 Cairo 507 E. Mercer Seattle, Washington OCTOBER 7TH WILL BE A NIGHT OF PURE POP AND GOOD VIBES. Come hang with three of Seattle’s finest! SEAPONY ORCA TEAM GREAT SPIDERS Friday, … Continuar a ler

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