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angelo badalamenti "twin peaks" soundtrack 1990

Sad, melancholic, beautiful, dark, fragile, gentle. scummified

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piero umiliani "svezia, inferno e paradiso" soundtrack 1968

Umiliani was born in Florence, Tuscany. Like many of his Italian colleagues at that time, he composed the scores for many exploitation films in the 1960s and 1970s, covering genres such as spaghetti western, Eurospy, Giallo, and soft sex films. … Continuar a ler

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"the wizard of oz" soundtrack 1939

The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 American fantasy film directed primarily by Victor Fleming from a script mostly by Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allan Woolf, with uncredited contributions by others. Fleming is the only director to receive … Continuar a ler

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michael nyman "the piano" soundtrack 1993

The music is a delight to the ears and soulfully touching. Listening to this, it’s hard to not have mental images floating around. I love all the songs. There are few cds I can listen to that I love all … Continuar a ler

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"the exorcist" soundtrack 1973

Do yourself a favour. If you are at all interested in the absolute marvel that is expelled from these modern composers’ brains then buy this album, listen and listen well. Be sure to get yourself a decent hi-fi set, as … Continuar a ler

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stanley kubrick "barry lyndon" soundtrack 1975

An absolutely superb selection of music. Again and again Kubrick revealed his genius in moviemaking with every detail, including his choice of musical accompaniment. The Handel is bold and poignant in all its variations. The rivetting Schubert Trio in E-flat … Continuar a ler

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stanley kubrick’s "a clockwork orange" soundtrack 1971

This soundtrack is mostly a collection of experimental instrumentals and familiar classical pieces, and as such, works to enhance the film and also to educate people unfamiliar with synthesizer music or to give a crash course for those who want … Continuar a ler

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