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microdisney "the clock comes down the stairs" 1985

Ask anyone to name their favourite music songwriters who hail from Ireland and you will probably get quite a few blank looks followed by answers such as Bono, Van Morrison or Shane McGowan. In fact, you will probably hear The … Continuar a ler

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the teardrop explodes "kilimanjaro" 1980

About twenty years ago–yes, kids, back in the vinyl days–I found “Kilimanjaro” in the record store cut-out bin. I bought it on a whim, knowing nothing of its personnel or genesis, and I was rewarded with an album that prodded … Continuar a ler

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echo & the bunnymen "never stop" single 1983

“Never Stop“ is a single which was released by the British band Echo & the Bunnymen on 8 July 1983. It reached number fifteen on the UK Singles Chart the same month. The title track on the 12-inch single is … Continuar a ler

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the pastels "up for a bit with the pastels" 1987

Up for a Bit with The Pastels is the debut album by the Scottish band The Pastels, released in 1987. It was named the 37th best Scottish album by The Scotsman. beauties can die 

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i kill kane from curitiba, brazil

I Kill Kane is a indie rock lo-fi band formed in 2008 by sisters Qué (drums) and Rety (vocals, guitar) and his best friend Rafael (guitar). With the finest compositions that have made so far, they expose the most raw … Continuar a ler

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felt "ballad of the band" 1986

Moving to the Creation label, Felt — by this time a stable quartet including keyboardist Martin Duffy and stalwart drummer Gary Ainge — was enormously productive in 1986, beginning with Ballad of the Band. The nearly unlabeled 12-inch — two … Continuar a ler

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songs to learn and sing #46

New Order “Mr. Disco” from their 1989 album “Technique”. No brasil How can I ever forget youYou don’t know just what I’ve been throughThe holiday we spent togetherLives with me now and forever I tried but I can’t find youTell … Continuar a ler

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