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the explorers club “freedom wind” 2008

To say that the Explorers Club are trying to channel the mid-’60s Beach Boys on Freedom Wind isn’t meant as complaint or praise or any other subjective judgment. It’s objective. They are trying to channel the Beach Boys, utterly, totally, … Continuar a ler

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portishead "third" 2008

No, “Third” is not a dance album, it’s not another “Dummy,” nor it is all “happy”–it’s the avante-garde masterpiece of the 2000’s. On “Third” Portishead is solid proof that the band is less about producing music and more about creating … Continuar a ler

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erykah badu "new amerykah part one (4th world war)" 2008

Her new 11 track CD is even more off kilter and uncommercial. It can best be described as a futuristic fusion of funk and jazz beamed from Mars, and I’m sure her record label Motown must have done the same … Continuar a ler

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the walkmen "you & me" 2008

“It’s going to be a good year,” so says lead singer, Hamilton Leithauser, and is in essence an exclamation from The Walkmen on “In The New Year” from their latest release. “You & Me,” their stellar fourth effort is the … Continuar a ler

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atlas sound "let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel" 2008

This is some of the most sparse and lush music that I have perhaps ever heard. There are some booty shakin’ IDM beats and some shoegazerish guitars. There are some groovy bass lines and then some atmospheric bliss. Atlas Sound … Continuar a ler

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beach house "devotion" 2008

Hailing from Baltimore, Beach House’s second album “Devotion” is more like sleeping in a haunted, jewelled music box — all ghostly singing, lushly sparkling pop instrumentation and sensually dreamy melodies. rapidshare

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julie ocean "long gone and nearly there" 2008

D.C.’s Julie Ocean, fortunately, does not fall into that last category. They follow the same tried-and-true equation, but drop some unexpected elements– Shakespeare quotes, French movie references– into their songs, which they play loud and fast, turning the requisite power-pop … Continuar a ler

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