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various “fantasia de navidad” 2002

“Fantasía de navidad” proporciona solaz y compañía en todo momento. Las canciones narran historias en general tristonas que se desarrollan en plenas pascuas. Ya en su primer momento se proporciona ese dulce anacronismo sentimental a través del himno navideño de … Continuar a ler

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“v/a easy tempo vol. 3” 2002

Volume 3 is mainly bossa-nova cum samba ditties pulled from Italian soundtracks of the 60s and 70s. This CD is far superior to BEAT AT CINECITTA, which, except for that Teo Uselli track, “Sexually”, I found far too camp and … Continuar a ler

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all saints "saints & sinners" 2002

After a short absence from the nasty world of pop, All Saints could well and truly have been over. The very nature of pop culture dictates that stay out of the spotlight too long, and it will blow out. Luckily, … Continuar a ler

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jim o’rourke "insignificance" 2002

Jim O’Rourke’s profile is high these days since his involvement in two of the year’s most anticipated releases, Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” and Sonic Youth’s “Murray Street”. But the man in the stripy pants has trumped the alternative rock icons … Continuar a ler

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wilco "yankee hotel foxtrot" 2002

That’s just one of thousands of intangible beauties that this album has, combining music and sound and word and thought (pardon if I sound like a hippie) into a truly special album, one that is reborn upon each listen. I … Continuar a ler

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the flaming lips "yoshimi battles the pink robots" 2002

First Listen: This is the most confounding thing I’ve ever heard. It’s about this metaphorical fight against evil pink robots, for the first four songs. Then it changes direction and all the songs are about death and regret. This isn’t … Continuar a ler

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black rebel motorcycle club "brmc" 2002

BRMC is an impressive debut from this L.A.-based band, combining some of the best elements of druggy, droney 60’s psychedelia and garage R&B rock; and on occasion, lead guitarist/vocalist Peter Hayes sounds uncannily like Roger (Jim) McGuinn of The Byrds … Continuar a ler

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