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“v/a easy tempo vol. 5” 1999

Although it bills itself as “a slammin’ cinematic experience,” the subtitle of Easy Tempo, Vol. 5 is a misnomer: more than half the tracks on this compilation are lifted from easy listening or lounge records instead of soundtrack albums. Despite … Continuar a ler

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perry blake "still life" 1999

After seeing the film Presque Rien I had no choice but to seek out the songs featured in it. They astounded me. Simple arrangements on top of simple vocals and simple harmonies. The combination of all these simplicities creates something … Continuar a ler

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eminem "the slim shady lp" 1999

‘The Slim Shady’ LP is one of those albums that you have to let grow on you. It took quite a few listens before this sunk in with me. This album isn’t as catchy, or bouncy or as fun as … Continuar a ler

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campag velocet "bon chic bon genre" 1999

Occasionally I’ll be impressed with an unrecognized gem, and ‘Bon Chic Bon Genre’ certainly fits this description. A diverse musical palate, just think the strong rhythmic sensibility of the Stone Roses meeting the acid-drenched vibes of ‘A Storm In Heaven’ … Continuar a ler

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sebadoh "the sebadoh" 1999

This one’s a grower, it creeps up like a lost urchin, taps you on the arm, and when you turn around and take notice it bites you hard in the other arm, drawing blood, making you yelp. Settle down and … Continuar a ler

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ian brown "golden greats" 1999

A welcome departure from Unfinished Monkey Business’s earthy studio recorded feel. Golden Greats has a full 24 track production. There’s a lot to listen ‘in there’ with some high points reached that remind you of the better ‘roses’ days – … Continuar a ler

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godspeed you black emperor! "slow riot for new zero canada" 1999

In these two tracks, totalling about 25 minutes, GYBE creates a sweeping, textured, atmospheric musical journey. Slow rumbling tension builds into cathartic crescendos, only to break down again into mournful, pulsating echoes, swirling slowly around a core of raw musical … Continuar a ler

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