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gnac with alessandra celletti "halloween" from the red pages

gnac with alessandra celletti * halloween by mark tranmer Alessandra is playing live in London on 17th, 19th and 20th November at the Eighth Planet Tree Music Festival. Details.

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friends "let’s get away from it all" 1988

The first Friends album sees the band find and develop a definitive sound, and break through to a wider international audience after the more limited success of their first two singles. The bright, trumpet-led title track sets the tone for … Continuar a ler

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crush "crush" ep 2011

Crush, the new side-project of Beach Fossil’s Tommy Gardner, just released a lovely 7-track self-entitled EP on Bandcamp. Soft, irresistible vocal melodies that drift over stunningly polished guitar lines come together to create consistent and gentle pop songs, ones that … Continuar a ler

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peter hammill "in camera" 1974

This album is almost perfect! Containing some of Hammill’s best songs, beautifully arranged. Here he experimented with the ARP synth, especially on the majestic “(No More) The Sub Mariner”. moodswings

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gentle giant "free hand" 1975

Free Hand is an album by British progressive rock band Gentle Giant that was released in 1975. It also marked their first album under their new label, Chrysalis Records in the U.K. This album is noted for its high production … Continuar a ler

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genesis "the lamb lies down on broadway" 1974

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is a double concept album recorded and released in 1974 by the British rock band Genesis. It was their sixth studio album and the last album by the group to feature the involvement of … Continuar a ler

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jethro tull "thick as a brick" 1972

Thick as a Brick is a concept album, and the fifth studio album, by the English progressive rock band Jethro Tull released in 1972. Its lyrics are based on a poem written by a fictitious boy, Gerald Bostock, said to … Continuar a ler

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