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felt radio session 1984

Janice Long session – October 1984 1. Roman litter 2. Dismantled king is off the throne 3. Vasco da Gama 4. Crystal Ball

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the joys of life “good times are over” 1967

Two 45s that I know of: Columbia 4-44188 – Good times are Over / Descent Tomorrow THH 241 – Everybody wants to fall in love / Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow The Columbia 45 goes for some pretty decent coin, several have been for … Continuar a ler

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the jades “confined congregation” 1967

Fenton Records was an American record label of the 1960s, which released a number of singles and a few albums. One of the bands were The Jades. paradise

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dawn 5 “a necessary evil” 1966

The mighty Dawn 5, once one of the local favorites, and sadly, least known bands of the 1965-’67 era. They stayed together long enough to give us a great 45, just enough info to keep interest up, including an interview … Continuar a ler

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the contents are “i don’t know” 1967

The Through You lp was little more than rumor til a copy mysteriously appeared at a 2005 Austin record show. Contents Are were a garage folk-rock band from Quad City, Iowa that released two good 45′s and this 1967 private … Continuar a ler

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jacks wild “what do you expect” (year unknown, but mid-sixties)

Best 60’s garage pop paradise

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the new lines “life in transit (draft)” vídeo

“an old song which we decided to embark on re-recording for a potential single. here’s an early draft, consisting of instrument tracks recorded in brooklyn, nyc, with celeste’s vocals recorded along the western border of the serengeti, tanzania, where she … Continuar a ler

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