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plastic flowers "s/t" single 2010

The name comes from a song by a group called The Wake. But I felt the name fit with the sound I was going for. I had a hard time finding something that fit in the way i want. I … Continuar a ler

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liquid days "s/t" single 2010

Brooklyn, USA. Members: Mike C and James C. Website: Free download at Beko 61 Liquid Days _ Ex-Icicles by beko dsl

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boundary jim and fifty miles from vancouver "s/t" single 2010

Here’s the band in the words of paul ducke (songwriter): “i moved to berlin last summer to set up a band to be able to play live. we opened up a few nice shows for more known bands. then in … Continuar a ler

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the artic flow "goodbye oceana" single 2010

“Goodbye Oceana” is a title I have had for many years, since 2001.  There was a completely different lyric and arrangement back then that eventually became what it is today. I originally took my cue from The Lassie Foundation’s Pacifico … Continuar a ler

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the heather "s/t" single 2010

The Heather (formed in Moscow,2010) appeared as a side-project. It is domestic and warm, contains sounds which surround young folks every day. Right now the music remains something like a shade, but soon it will blossom with powerful true heather … Continuar a ler

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